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Fresh Local Organic Baby Leafy Greens

Give.Farm uses patented 100% organic container farm systems and proprietary commercial processes that provide new ways to get organic greens while giving to charity. With 501(c)3 charities as food distributors, Give.Farm turns tax-deductible contributions into healthy harvests for the charity, their donors and community.





Give.Farm is a program by Risen Foundation in partnership with Redemptive Organics, which develops wholesome family farmland, ag tech, capital & charity systems to provide premium eggs, meats, greens, & hope to a hungry world.

Gene Taylor

Gene Taylor


Gene's Bio

Gene Taylor’s first-hand knowledge of family farming spreads across five generations on both sides of the family. Strong faith, hard work, a premium on education and giving back to the community are much more than nice sounding clichés.

Gene has been blessed to witness these virtues in the lives of his ancestors who faced the constant challenges of raising traditional row crops of tobacco, peanuts, corn, soybeans, various grains and melons, etc.

Each of Gene’s four children have set their own corners on their land and have worked for other farmers in Virginia and elsewhere. They understand the importance of bringing hope both locally and abroad.

Chip Lake

Chip Lake


Chip's Bio

Chip and Cheyanne Lake met as a South Carolina country boy and an Arizona city girl. They’ve lived both the city and country life and have settled since on a lovely property near Charleston.

Together with their two children, the Lakes built a modern day farmhouse on their little piece of paradise and soon their family grew to include a friendly bunch of chickens, cats, goats, dogs, pigs and lizards.

Instrumental in launching several community outreach programs on the farm and in Charleston, the Lakes faithfully await the right opportunity to learn, teach and advance the next generation by allowing the land to produce a crop God only knows how to provide.